Once upon a time, in a far away Middle Kingdom, there were these privileged, wealthy  offspring of the ruling elite who…oh, wait a minute, this isn’t a fairy tale. Not even a story really, but a current reality in China, and a beautiful  fairy tale existence it is for those who are living life as the protected ruling class of China. And like fairy tales, the fabled existence  of the Chinese Communist regime’s inheritors might well have remained shrouded in the protective mists of censored propaganda had it not been for a certain Mr. Bo.

The Princelings is the derisive term the Chinese populace call this next generation of the wealthy ruling class. The world might have remained largely ignorant of this secretive ruling class were it not for the excesses of Bo Xilai, the Communist party boss of Chongqing and the murder of a British businessman by Bo’s wife, Gu Kailai. This whole episode as shown a bright light into dark halls of power in Beijing at a very inconvenient a vulnerable time. It reveals the corruption which is at the core of China’s rise to economic power; a cautionary tale for a world economy grown dependent on the very existence of China.

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