Below is an ongoing series of  21+ chapters/topics of a current writing project in progress. The intent is to offer a readable overview and some contextual tools for achieving some insight into what we read about China and its interactions with the U.S. and other countries. At this point, the topics are not in any particular order, though certainly “Corruption” should and is the first consideration when it comes to trying to make some sense of what motivates the ruling class to do what it does.

Here is an ongoing list of topics to be covered:

Corruption, economic stimulus, power transition, maritime disputes, military build up, internal security, ethnic strife, ASEAN, brief hist of China’s relations to its neighbors, viewing the geo-political map from China’s point of view, Japan’s 2012 Defense White paper, U.S./China Economic and Security Congressional Committee, the princelings, the Triad, 18th Party Congress, geographic considerations of rule and industry, the provinces, the four urban provinces, overseas investments, “Island Chains” of defense and the “String of Pearls”, Internal passports, is it really a dictatorship, the future of China as we have known it since 1949.

So let’s get started.Click on the topic headings to the right.

Remember. These are only opening paragraphs for work-in-progress chapters. Additional topic headings to be added over time


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