Dec 042012

A bunch of you have indicated you would like to go up to the Hiller with me for another tour. Great. Anytime. Let’s set the date. Being associated with the museum and the terrific staff and bunch of volunteers there is one of the best experiences of my life. Each visit I learn additional things from the exhibits, the staff, the experiences of the retired docents, and often from our very knowledgeable visitors.

The photo above gives you a full sweep of 100 years of mechanized flight. From the earliest open stick and wire biplanes on the right, through slick composite skinned jets and Boeing’s SST, and into the future of aerospace represented by the blue seats to the left. There, each year, hundreds of young people have the opportunity to go through an entire ground school, air traffic control, and virtual flight learning experience.

Another trip up to the Hiller? You bet! Just name the day.


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