Dec 042012

You know, it appears more and more that fiction is just a novel approach to assembling factual data points into a coherent and hopefully entertaining narrative. This “Milky Seas” is a case in point. Note the ‘glow’ at the bottom right, off the coast of Somalia. It is about the size of the distance from Monterey, to Santa barabara, California. A special thanks to MISSION BLUE and GOOGLE EARTH.

“Milky seas are unusual phenomena which have been noticed by mariners for centuries, but which remain unexplained by scientists. These events are when the surface of the ocean, often from horizon to horizon, glows with a continuous uniform milky light. Although the origins of this light are not well investigated, the most plausible explanation is that it is caused by blooms of bioluminescent bacteria…”

Be sure to go to the link below. It includes Jules Vern’s description of this phenomenon in his “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”.

A personal note: silly me, I always thought the title referred to depth, rather than distance.

and also:

BL Web: Milky Seas.


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