Dec 202013


Uffizi on the Arno River

Uffizi on the Arno River

No visit to Florence would be complete without taking time to pause for reflection at the Uffizi Art Gallery.

The early arrival of evening in Florence brings with it the opportunity to take a stroll before dinner. This view is from the Oltrano, the “other side” of the Arno River. Just downstream to the left out of sight is the Ponte Vecchio. That is the Uffizi directly across the river. One of course usually sees this museum from the other end where it touches onto the piazza with the Palazzo Vecchio. That is the tower from the palazzo lit up in the top middle of this view. You are looking all the way through the Uffizi courtyard to the piazza at the far end where that little patch of reflected blue light is.

Seen from any angle at any time of the day or night, one feels blessed to experience that unique blend of art, and architecture, and nature that is Florence.



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