Dec 152013

China’s new unmanned lunar rover running around on the moon sounds a lot like a chapter out of the book I wrote in 2009. Here is the intro from COMPUTER BRAIN : “Competing for a $30 million prize, a team is developing an unmanned lunar rover that performs well, perhaps even a bit too well. Aerospace writer Midge McConnell becomes suspicious of the hidden technologies behind the rover’s performance. Her investigations will take her from Hollywood, to the halls of academia, through the Air Force’s Satellite Surveillance Headquarters, onto a lethally guarded Texas research site, inside an exotic lakeside Chinese Traditional Medicine Sanatorium, and to a rocket launch deep inside of China.”Computer brainYou will note that is a Chinese rocket on the cover. It is in fact the same kind of “Long March” rocket used for China’s recent success. I hope you get a chance to take a free look inside the book on Amazon. It will show up on any computer. Here is the link.

Yes, the $4,612.00 that shows up on some internet browsers for the hard copy may seem like a steep price, but you must realize that each page is individually printed on sheepskin velum on Guttenberg’s original 1439 movable type press in Mainz, Germany. What with removing all the umlauts over the O’s and U’s from the German print, and the book binding and gold embossing each leather cover, it seems like a real bargain to me.

However, I went back into my Amazon author’s account and made a few slight adjustments. If you go to the following link you will find the price has come down by several thousand dollars .   😉


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