Dec 112013

Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of not being home for the holidays, but somehow, here in Florence, it’s beginning to look a lot more like Christmas than I have experienced in a long time.

Christmas in Piazza Duomo

Christmas in Piazza Duomo


In a town whose streets evolved as rambling pedestrian passageways 2000 years before the Fiats and Ferraris invaded south from Turin and Milan, pedestrians again hold sway.

The streets are full of shoppers. As I move among this bundled mass, I half expect to recognize Jimmy Stewart or Donna Reed huddled in behind those thick wool scarfs. For here is a city that goes all out to festoon itself in all the Christmas finery.

To walk the streets of Florence in Christmas is to feel as if you are on a movie set, a place of Christmas dreams made real, a place where one can experience that it truly is a Wonderful Life.

"German" Christmas market in Piazza Santa Croce

“German” Christmas market in Piazza Santa Croce


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