Dec 042012


Is it any wonder why, in our late 20s, my wife and I decided to retire first, live in Florence, La Bella Citta, then earn a living later.

“…No one can say absolutely why Ponte Vecchio touches the spirit the way it does. Why, for instance, did the panorama that the structure dominates liberate the protagonist Lucy Honeychurch Bartlett in “A Room With a View,” E.M. Forster’s novel and later a feature film?

Perhaps it’s because Ponte Vecchio’s architecture of countless fragments reflects this city’s incalculable memory or, more simply, its lovely imperfections touch deep emotions. In fact, the construction we see today is far from the first to grace the site. For some 2,000 years the central bridge of Florence has crossed this narrow point in the Arno—at least since 59 B.C…”

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, a Bridge Over the Arno River That Spans Centuries | Masterpiece by Jay Pridmore –


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