Dec 042012

  The swift hand of Chinese justice has accused, tried, and convicted for murder the wife of a man who had had the summit of China’s leadership within his grasp. Soon we shall hear more about the whistle blower in the Gu Kailai murder case, Chongqing police chief Wang Lijun.  It would appear that Mr. Wang, as so many before him, will go into what one might call the Chinese version of the witness protection program.

In the United States, an insider of extraordinary value in the prosecution of a major criminal case may be given personal protection by the government. In Wang Lijun’s case, he is expected to be tried for treason for the “unauthorized” visit to the American consulate. Thus Mr. Wang will be silenced and the state will have protection from a witness who might otherwise reveal further embarrassing details regarding possible crimes and misdemeanors in high places.

The Chinese leadership proudly points to the historic arrival of China’s economic miracle. The Chinese citizenship awaits the long-overdue arrival of the miracle of true human rights.

Charles Dusenbury



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