Dec 042012

Rising star of Chinese leadership falls to earth. Can the leaders in Beijing repair the hole in the Great Wall of administrative secrecy in time for the once every 10 year transition of rulers?

News of Drama in China Consulate Reached Obama” The Feb. 6 encounter directly drew the Obama administration into internal Chinese politics, as Mr. Wang told American officials of his suspicions concerning the November death of a British businessman, Neil Heywood, according to top British officials. The wife of a senior Communist Party official, Bo Xilai, is a suspect in the death.
Just that headline alone brings up the topics of:
-The once every 10 years change in China’s top rulers.
-The rampant corruption of business, banking, and wealth by the “Princelings” who are the offspring of the original generals with Mao Zedong.
-The deep internal struggles between the “Conservatives” who, ironically are actually called the “New Left” return-to Maoism folks,  and the more “Liberal” who, again in the Alice in Wonderland topsy turvy Middle Kingdom definition, are actually the smaller central government, more individual entrepreneurial, free market advocates.
-And the military, which has strong influence, especially in this Year of the Dragon power struggle. They are flexing more muscle especially in the South Chine Sea, which of course brings up all the conflicting multinational commercial, fishing, and undersea oil rights claims.
Like the son of Icarus, Bo Xilai, a son of the Maoist-era founders, has flown to close to the high heat of the inner workings of Chinese rule. Bo, the head of the Communist party in Chongqing was much admired by 6 of the 9 members of the Permanent Ruling Committee. Now they too may be sucked into the vortex of Bo’s rapid plummeting.
This game of Chinese Checkers is going to be for all the marbles.



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